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Random Ramblings: On the Road Again

Three states…Two days…550 flight miles…478 highway miles.

Finished up a visit to Florida for Hubby’s work. Boarded a plane to North Carolina for our first Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.

Swapped out t-shirts for sweaters, loaded the “Beast”, and set out for our second Thanksgiving in Ohio.

Our Dodge Durango (AKA “The Beast”) carries our stuff, handles good in all weather, and supports passenger naps (that’s me). Doesn’t get any better than that.

Morning Alarm

We interrupt this dream to bring you a fire alarm…that’s right…fire alarm. For all of 15 seconds. Just long enough for me to bolt out of bed, jump into my clothes, and start putting on my shoes. Then silence. The alarm stopped.

Now what?

It’s 5:20 am. My mind raced down the short list of “what if” scenarios. Do I continue with evacuation and go down to the lobby? I don’t hear anyone moving in the hall. Do I assume everything is OK and climb back into bed? But what if there is a fire?

I opted for a call to the front desk for direction. The cause…the alarm panel went off…it does that sometimes. No worries. So I settled back in bed…until I heard the siren of the fire truck. The wail of the alarm was cut short as the truck pulled into the parking lot just under my window.FiretruckI watched through the curtain as firemen, one lugging an axe, jumped out of the truck and walked into the hotel. After a few short minutes (that felt like an eternity), the firemen returned to their truck and left.

Now what?

I attempted to return to my comfortable dreams. But, sleep alluded me…I was wide awake. Looking at the clock, I realized that my husband would finish his work shift in less than an hour. So I opted to get dressed to meet him for breakfast. Problem solved.