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Alarming Thanksgiving Tradition

Family traditions…everyone has them. Some are sweet and heart-warming – the kind that elicit an “AHHHHH” when you share with friends. And some are…well…just different. The kind you tell ONLY your closest friends in fear of being labeled as crazy or strange. Regardless of the nature of the tradition…it’s something your family holds dear.

Ours is one of those DIFFERENT traditions. Prepare yourself…this could get messy!

For reasons no one knows, Mom started a new…unsettling…tradition when her first three children became teenagers. Fortunately, the tradition found a quick demise when we moved away from home, sparing her future step-children from the same seasonal “joy”.

OK…I’m ready…here we go…

Mom liked to serve our Thanksgiving meal for lunch. This allowed us to clean the kitchen and have everything back in order by mid-day. Eating so early also meant that we enjoyed a wonderful left-over meal for dinner. And, still had time to visit with friends or attend a movie during the evening.

To launch her plan, Mom would set her alarm for early Thanksgiving morning…EARLY…like in the WEE hours early…to prepare the turkey for the oven. Her process started with cleaning the turkey and removing the giblets. Then she carried the turkey to wake us…one-by-one…as she exclaimed “Gobble, Gobble, Gobble…say thank you to Thomas Turkey…he’s giving his life for you.” If we didn’t awaken soon enough…Thomas was inclined to assist with a tap from his wing or drumstick…whatever it took get us to stir.Turkey Wakeup 1

Turkey Wakeup 2

After attempting to fend off the attack, we reluctantly addressed the naked bird. Gratitude expressed, she moved on to the next child. And then back to the kitchen for further cleaning, stuffing, and into the awaiting oven.

Though this tradition hasn’t repeated for many years, we always relive the details during our annual Thanksgiving celebration. Perhaps it’s because we were traumatized during those formative years and the mere sight of a whole turkey brings back a flood of memories. This year our Thanksgiving stories are changed forever. It’s the first time that Mom will not be leading the stories of Thanksgivings past while hovering around the table…at the ready to replenish an empty plate

Hopefully mine is not the only “DIFFERENT” tradition out there. Does anyone have any traditions you’re crazy enough to share?