After my body image epiphany in the “More to Love” class, I was drained but floating on “Cloud Nine”. I embraced each new assignment in anticipation of continued break-through. The effort to complete each task and the insights gained from it were totally dependent on where I found myself  emotionally on the topic. And that’s where the beauty of this class shined! I was fortunate to be part of a wonderful group of ladies who shared their experiences and their hearts with each new day. We formed an amazing bond of trust and acceptance as we posted to our secret Facebook group. As I devoured the daily posts it became obvious that we were dealing with the same issues though the specific details were different. We offered sympathy and encouragement through the lows and applauded each victory! We started the month as strangers, maybe even a band of mis-fits, but ended the month celebrating as sisters! Continue Reading Metamorphosis

Ashes to Epiphany

The first assignment during the “More to Love” (MTL) class was to create a permission slip for how we would approach the next 28 days.  For me, this meant carving time out of day-to-day life to focus only on me.To understand the difficulty of this task, you need to know that I’m really good at over-committing and dedicating time for everyone else. MTL Permission SlipBut, not so good at focusing on myself or prioritizing my needs first. When I put myself first, I always felt guilty. As if I’m not as worthy of attention as the people around me. I know this wasn’t true…but that was my mode of operation.

So I took a deep breath and started the assignment. I used the free  photo editing website ( that was introduced by the Rachel Estapa, the MTL class founder. This is the result of my first adventure with PicMonkey – a fun and very easy-to-use tool. Continue Reading Ashes to Epiphany

Inspiration from “A Fat Girl Dancing”

In March 2014, I was passing through the living room where my husband was watching television. The words of a local personality caught my attention with the announcement that Whitney Way Thore from the viral videos “A Fat Girl Dancing” would be in the next segment.  Looking back, it’s hard to believe that this was the first time I’d heard about Whitney, her “No Body Shame Campaign” or the positive body image movement that is spreading over the country. After watching the interview, I was intrigued and wanted to know more so I did an internet search on “No Body Shame Campaign” and landed on Whitney’s website. At that time, the website mentioned the “More to Love” class (MTL) with Rachel Estapa and even provided a coupon toward the next class that was forming on March 31st.

I eagerly read about the MTL class and decided to give it a try. The cost was reasonable AND I figured that if Rachel was able to help Whitney, then perhaps she could help in my quest to accept my new body…the body that was left after cancer treatments. Continue Reading Inspiration from “A Fat Girl Dancing”

Musings of a Cancer Survivor

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