Fortress in the Sand Poem

Fortress in the Sand
    by Dorothy B. Sweet

Waves pound the shore of my consciousness
leaving remnants of a former life in its wake.
Familiar existence replaced by the turbulence
of fear and pain, my being they overtake.

Helplessness crashing in on my soul
eroding the spirit of the me I used to be.
Tormented…spinning…out of control
consumed by burdens, nowhere to flee.

Throbbing, moaning, aching, groaning
daily trials, my strength they demand.
Emotions surging, my ship sinking
searching for a fortress in the sand.

Trembling…crying out in the darkness
reaching for a Savior, my faith I embrace.
Light penetrates deep within the abyss
washing away despair with His perfect peace.

Eyes opened, awareness unleashed,
never alone…I was carried, not forsaken.
Sending comfort through those I cherished
warmly embraced…His love, unmistaken.

Endure I must for there’s a reason
this season’s end remains a mystery.
Joy awakened, hope strengthened
trusting I am right where I’m meant to be.

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