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Random Ramblings: Common Sense

Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to common sense. Just regular ‘ole common sense. The kind of common sense that was once obvious…but now requires a warning label. Case in point: Fire Sprinkler.

A standard fire sprinkler is mounted just inside the door in my hotel room. I assume that anyone old enough to rent a hotel room knows what a sprinkler looks like and understands its singular purpose…extinguish a fire with water. (Perhaps this assumption is where my premise starts to go wrong.) If you rent a hotel room with children, then I assume an appropriate level of parental supervision and education would be in order. (Again, perhaps this assumption is where my premise continues to derail.)

Fire Sprinkler Collage

Directly to the right of the sprinkler is a warning sticker. “Contact with Sprinkler Will Cause Flooding.”


Do we REALLY need a warning to tell us NOT to put a hanger on the fire sprinkler?

I just don’t understand why common sense wouldn’t prevent a person from hanging ANYTHING from the sprinkler. Isn’t that what the closet is for? Or perhaps the shower bar? It just seems like it should be so obvious. Have we as a society been told what to do for so long that we can’t…or won’t…think for ourselves?

Random Ramblings: Erratic Mouse

Does anyone know why the computer mouse acts so erratic when the battery starts to go? And why is it the battery always acts up in the middle of something important…OR when it’s too late to go to the store? Just sayin’