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Welcome to Sweet Ramblings from Dory!

I’m so happy that you are visiting and hope you find many reasons to return! My name is Dorothy B. Sweet…but you can call me Dory.

During a recent online class titled “More to Love” with Rachel Estapa, I had an  amazing breakthrough with my body image which also led to an epiphany that I enjoy writing. Who would have known! With much encouragement from the class participants, this blog is born. It will be an outlet (hmmm…let’s call it an experiment) in sharing the thoughts churning around in my head and heart. Topics will be quite varied and will range from my experiences with breast cancer to poems and photographs that move my soul. I hope to share crafts, travels and maybe even a trial or two. Basically, anything encountered in my life may appear on these pages. Hopefully there will be a few “ah ha” moments that speak to you!

So…lets see where the muse takes us! Grab your reading glasses and enjoy the ride!

Email: Dory@SweetRamblingsFromDory.com

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Musings of a Cancer Survivor

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