Thankfully, the second leg of our flight was less eventful than the first. All buckled in, I settled back into the seat pulling my black sweater around my shoulders. I wondered whether this plane had a slight chill because it was a lot larger than the first. Looking around the zone 3 section of the plane, my eyes landed on the fully extended “personal” vents…all spewing out a steady flow of air. I reasoned that the chill had to be caused by the air movement. No matter, with all the bodies packed in like sardines, I was confident the temperature would quickly increase. So…I closed my vent and snuggled up on Hubby’s shoulder for a bit of added warmth. After the obligatory safety instruction, I closed my eyes and started to drift off with my thoughts.

OUCH! What the?!!! I almost jumped out of my skin when a deep voice blared from the speaker above my head.

I was ambushed by an all-out assault on my ear drums. The sound coming from the speakers was SO loud my ears hurt! Pressing my palms against my ears was the only way to muffle the brief message from our pilot. The niceties he chirped about our flight time and destination weather couldn’t end soon enough. I’d never experienced a message this loud on a plane…I would be willing to swear it exceeded the decibel level for safe sound. The comments from the flight attendants were nowhere near this loud. I guess I’ll have to chalk this incident up to an exuberant pilot. Note to self…bring ear plugs as a future flight precaution.

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