It’s interesting how your perception of a specific circumstance can change when you experience a shift in perspective.

Perspective: a true understanding of the relative importance of things; an attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view; a frame of reference; the context for opinions, beliefs and experiences

I had dinner with a dear friend tonight. A friend who understands the pain of losing her Mother. It is comforting being able to talk with her and know she truly understands the level of grief associated with such loss. I came to realize that the emotions I’m feeling pale in comparison to the turmoil she experienced from the circumstances surrounding the passing of her Mother.

With this new perspective, I have found a small glimmer of closure. Yet, I know that it’s impossible to compare circumstances. And, you should never attempt to draw comparisons. Regardless of whether your circumstances appear more or less (insert whatever emotion or condition like grief, pain, loss) than someone else, the circumstances are yours…and the pain is yours. And when it impacts you…it will feel MORE than…even when it’s truly LESS than.

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