He Welcomes Her Home

I’ve previously written about the amazing sunset that appeared over my parent’s house the day Mom died. I recently shared the photo with my Mother-in-Law. As I displayed the photo in front of her, she immediately exclaimed “Do you see it!” At that instant my eyes fixated on the purple image just above the tree line.

Do you see it?

Jesus Welcomes Her Home
Can you see the image of Jesus with outstretched arms? His robes gently falling from His wrists. His glory illuminated above His head.

The day before Mom passed, she continuously chanted the word “Ohhhh…” followed by the name of a family member who had already gone to be with the Lord. She continued the roll-call of sorts…moving through each of her siblings. Periodically she changed focus and mumbled the name of a living relative…once. For a brief moment, she uttered a single reference to the living before quickly returning her chant to those waiting for her in Heaven.

My sister and I pondered her words. We imagined that Mom was between our world and Heaven. She was in awe of the beauty before her but couldn’t find the words to describe its magnificence. Her wonder could only be expressed as “Ohhhh!” Her family beckoned for her to join them. Perhaps the angels were singing to greet her. Jesus was there…smiling…with outstretched arms awaiting her arrival. But as she moved toward her new home, she glanced back toward her body…still in the world of the living. She saw us…caring for her…praying for her…loving her. We think that it was those moments that she mentioned our names….attempting to comfort the family that she would leave behind.

We miss Mom dearly but feel peace knowing she is in Heaven smiling down on us.

4 thoughts on “He Welcomes Her Home”

    1. Thank you for reminding me the meaning of the color purple. I’ve always liked a lot of colors and usually would say I didn’t have a favorite when asked. But during my cancer treatments, I realized that I kept gravitating to purple and officially adopted purple as my favorite color. It is so comforting to learn it is associated with spirituality because I have no doubt Jesus was carrying me.

      I agree Mom is in a much better place. But I miss her dearly. When I remind myself that she has a new body and is no longer in pain, I smile between the tears. I see her in a beautiful flowing gown…dancing with her family.


      1. I forgot, purple is also a healing color and symbolizes things related to prayer, meditation, soul mates, paranormal and the great beyond.

        Trust that your Mom is always with you and watching over you. It’s just the physical world that seemingly separates us. The spiritual world has no bounds, no time and space.

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