My 5th Wedding Anniversary

Love is a unique emotion that changes over time. It is moulded by the events of life…energized by the “ups” and challenged by the “downs” of our day-to-day existence. With all of the challenges that we’ve experienced, I’m sometimes amazed that James and I have made it through to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

A Brief History
James and I met on after our first marriages The Sweetsended in divorce after a combined total of 32 years. We were very cautious in seeking a partner for our second marriage. We married in 2009 after dating for two and a half years. Almost immediately challenges of blending two families engulfed us. Follow that with significant life events and you have a recipe for yet another divorce. A few of our bigger challenges include two job layoffs in the first year, two house moves, cancer patient and caregiver, car crashes, parent illness, and serious teenager drama. All-in-all, a very tough 5 years!

For our anniversary this year, James suggested that we celebrate by reliving a few experiences from the 7 1/2 years we’ve been together. Our festivities included dinner at the site of our first date, the first meal we cooked for each other, visiting our favorite date hang-outs, flowers from our wedding, revisiting the 5 Love Languages, and snuggle time. A very low-key, intimate celebration. Perfect!

On the Same Page
Our celebration culminated by exchanging anniversary cards. The words within were different but the message the same. And without any prior conversation, we each included a poem! As usual, James sums his thoughts up with few words. Me? A long poem with the same sentiment.

      Our Anniversary Love Story
                    By Dory B. Sweet

We dated for years before our wedding day
discovering compatibility in each and every way.
Allowing time for our friendship and love to flourish.
we shared all our secrets, no matter how foolish.

Then came the day when we pledged faithfulness
looking forward to a lifetime of sweet wedded bliss.
Standing by our side, your children beamed with pride
as the pastor proclaimed “What God has joined, let no man divide”.

We share gestures and jokes that only we understand
walking through our days holding each other’s hand.
Trusting unconditionally with all our hopes and fears
consoling and comforting while we wipe away the tears.

Our life is no fairy tale penned with a simple plot
complications sneak up from within our blind spot.
We become frustrated, we fuss and argue
leaning on our love, the only way we make it through.

It’s not all bad, there are good times, too
even the moments you make me laugh when I am blue.
We goof off, play and do things so silly
sometimes our life feels perfect and easy.

Five years have passed since we pledged our love
and vowed our commitment before God up above.
We’ve been through so much, it’s hard to believe
that we’re still together and to each other we cleave.

No matter what happens, whether good or bad
I will never stop loving you…my partner, my comrade.
The days that have passed are merely shadows
of a future filled with countless bright tomorrows.

There’s a place for you reserved within my heart
confirming my love as an eternal landmark.
Turning the page of our enduring love story
we pause to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary.

Reflecting back, assessing where we’ve been
I know I would do it all over again.
Pondering the next chapter, I can only imagine
my future with yours, intertwined…together we’re destined.

At the End of the Day
We found humor and reassurance in realizing that it was love and our faith that sustained us…especially through the rough times.

2 thoughts on “My 5th Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary guys… you two are very special. May God always be at the center of your love and marriage for many many years to come .Love you Guys

    Liked by 1 person

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