Fortress in the Sand

This poem was written to share the struggles and emotions that  swirled around me during cancer treatments. This picture was taken two weeks after my first chemo infusion. My body had a really tough time processing the toxins. My first infusion was on a Monday. By Friday morning, we were in the emergency room dealing with the  wave of side effects. More on that later.

The inspiration for the photo was the “Footprints in the Sand” poem that we’ve all read. Though I knew it in my heart, I wanted a visual reminder that God would be carrying me through this valley. At this point I knew very little on just how deep and dark that valley would become. (Side Note: In looking for a link to share the Footprints poem, I was surprised to learn that there are multiple versions and WAY too many people claiming to be the author. So, I’m going to leave it to you to look it up… if you wish to have a refresher.)

If you have trouble reading the poem, you can find a text version here.

Fortress in the SandUntil next time… Remember to follow your muse!

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